Loved By Our Patients

“Tatiana did some amazing work on my shoulder. Having been an auto technician for over 35 years, the pain and discomfort associated with my line of work had taken its toll on me. The very first visit to her office resulted in some amazing progress. After my initial treatment, I found it beneficial to get myself on a regular schedule. Starting with a once a week treatment, then moving to a monthly treatment, the pain is now gone completely. I can move my shoulders and utilize my upper back as I had in the past. I highly recommend Tatiana if you are suffering from pain and would like to “get off the meds” just as I did.”
Randall S.
“I am a professional basketball player and suffer from chronic shoulder and back pain. I tried traditional doctors and none of their techniques ever helped with the actual cause of my pain. Their focus was only on treating my symptoms, thus never fixing the problem. With the techniques she used I could feel dramatic and immediate relief in my problem areas. I could feel the root of my pain literally dissolving away as the session took place.
This relief made it possible for me to train at higher levels and experience a better, pain free, quality of life. I highly recommend acupuncture treatment from Tatiana. It will give you a new perspective on what you thought pain free living could be!”
Ben S.
“All I can say is ”Thank You” for making me feel better, not only physically but emotionally. I am truly amazed at the difference I feel already – and I just started! Looking forward to more treatments and possibly never seeing that neurosurgeon again!”
Donna K.
“I had an amazing treatment from Tatiana! She has such passion, dedication and knowledge of her profession. Her approach is calm and confident and her skills are awesome as demonstrated by the relief I felt IMMEDIATELY after years of suffering with TMJ, its related headaches and chronic knee pain. The treatment area is relaxing, well appointed and immaculate. I couldn’t recommend On Point Acupuncture of Charleston and Tatiana more!”
Carole M.
“After having a pinched nerve in my neck that left me in tears and almost unable to move, I had tried everything. 3 trips to the chiropractor and muscle relaxants and pain pills hadn’t made a dent. Thank God I found Tatiana! After my first visit, I was able to sit without pain. Her ability to walk me through my first visit and continue to help me, I was off my pain meds in a few days and back to work. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Pamela H.
“Had my first session with Tatiana today and Truly enjoyed it. Living with multiple sclerosis I experience weakness, headaches and fatigue but I already feel rejuvenated. Can’t wait for my next session!”
Kristen S.

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